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RE/MAX Lakes Realty always recommends inspections by appropriate structural, plumbing, and electrical professionals. Listed below is a partial list of available servicers. There are certainly others available.  RE/MAX Lakes Realty and its agents can in no way be responsible for suggesting any particular service provider, but may offer buyer assistance in procuring a provider.  RE/MAX Lakes Realty cannot be responsible for the quality or accuracy of any inspector’s work. 

Real Estate brokers and agents are not qualified to advise buyers on radon or mold treatment or their health and safety risks.  Radon is an invisible and odorless gaseous radioactive element.  Mold is a general term for visible growth of fungus, whether it is visible directly or is visible when barriers, such as building components (for example, walls) or furnishings are removed.  An updated radon test is always recommended, and that because mold may be present in areas not viewable, that the buyer is recommended to also perform due diligence in inspecting for the presence of mold.


CW Property Inspections, LLC (Clint Wilkerson)

(760) 201-7622

Front Porch Home Inspections (John Izard)


Home Inspections Done Right (Steve Cook)


Gordon Home Service LLC (Bob Gordon)


H&L Enterprises (James Humphrey)


Lakes Home Inspections (Tim Miller)


Northwest Iowa Home Inspection (Alan Ditsworth)


CSI Okoboji (Michael Dunn)


Home Inspections Done Well (Tom Higgins)

Prudent Property Inspections


Jensen Home Inspection (Jeremy Jensen)


Jonas Home Inspection (John Jonas)


David Booth Inspections





Willette Electric


Daly Electric (Pat Daly)


Phillips Electric


Kenison Electric (Tom Kenison)


Inman Electric Company, Inc (Tom Inman)


Shaw LaDoux




Comfortec Plumbing & Heating


Marchand Plumbing & Heating (Ron Marchand)


Excel Plumbing & Heating (Jerod Arrowood)


Tom’s Plumbing & Heating (Rob Ritzer)


Vos Plumbing & Heating (Gary Vos)


UPKEEP Plumbing and Heating




The Radon Guy (Matt Popken)


Jim Butler




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Local Expert Updates

Matt Lippon

Cell: 712.330.0604

Aaron Jones

Cell: 712.320.9442

Liz Sandy

Cell: 712.330.1386

Community Updates

Euphoria Salon

Euphoria Salon in Okoboji

Heather Carson, the owner of Euphoria Salon does an amazing job. You will be blown away with not only the services they offer but the salon it's self. She did an amazing job making you feel like your in a big city salon right here in Okoboji.

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OYBA in Milford

Okoboji Youth Basketball Association (OYBA)

The Okoboji School system and basketball program is really blessed to have such a great nucleus of coaches and a system in place designed to really build the children through team work and skill building. OYBA has put together a board and a mission that is really great for the kids and is designed to develop the kids to prepare them for High School Basketball.

Each winter, OYBA puts out teams ranging from 3rd grade up to 8th grade, both girls teams and boys teams.
I am one of the coaches for the 5th grade girls team, we have 24 kids out for basketball, for such a small class, those numbers are amazing.
We put together 3 traveling teams and each of our teams is signed up for 5 tournaments this winter season, the kids love it.

Whether you are new to town or have been here for a long time, if you have kids going to the Okoboji School system and want to play some ball, check out the website, call one of the board members or give me a call and I'll point you in the right direction.

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Lake Park Public Pool

Lake Park Public Pool in

Lake Park is one of the few cities around the Iowa Great Lakes that has an outdoor public swimming pool. It offers some great rates for annual memberships. 2016 family membership was $100 and an individual membership was only $65. They also offer swimming lessons, starting as early as infants and toddlers. Specific evenings also offer classes for adults. The pool's normal hours of operation in the summer are 1PM to 8PM.

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