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It's no secret RE/MAX attracts elite talent. Our Team of REALTORS® has expertise ranging from Lakeshore dream homes for sale on West Lake Okoboji, East Lake Okoboji, Big Spirit, Minnewashta, Little Spirit, Lower and Upper Gar, and Silver Lake. We also list homes for sale in Spirit Lake, Okoboji, Arnolds Park, Milford, Wahpeton, West Okoboji, Orleans, Lake Park, Terril, Fostoria, and Superior.
At RE/MAX Lakes Realty, we have a passion for real estate and a passion to take care of our clients' needs.
Our brand is world wide, and our local networks in Sioux Falls, Sioux City, Sioux Center, Des Moines, Minneapolis, Omaha, Chicago, Kansas City, Lincoln; you name it, they are buying homes in Spirit Lake and the Okobojis.  It's simple.  RE/MAX provides you more service for less.  Nobody else can provide as much value to their clients.

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Aaron Jones

Aaron Jones


Cell: (712)-320-9442

Diane Wells

Diane Wells

Real Estate Expert

Cell: (507)-841-0612

John Calsbeek

John Calsbeek

Real Estate Expert

Cell: (712)-330-2943

Lynn Thompson

Lynn Thompson

Your Real Estate Guide

Cell: (712)-332-8076

Matt Lippon

Matt Lippon

Real Estate Expert

Cell: (712)-330-0604

Phil Den Herder

Phil Den Herder

Real Estate Expert

Cell: (712)-320-1919



The Real Estate App is brought to you exclusively by RE/MAX Lakes Realty and LeadCity CRM. This free search and transaction management app was custom developed for over a year and focuses purely on providing the very best search features, easy account management, and transaction management. The focus is purely on the consumer and the app is a combination of Zillow,, RE/, and and combines the best features from each of those apps into one power packed app.

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